// Bellor // 1911 - 2000 //

This website is a condensed version of the annotated catalogue intended to give figurative art lovers an initial idea of the diversity of Bellor’s work and to situate his reputation on the 20th century art market.

This outstanding artist who spanned this century must find a place of choice among the greatest painters of this period.

Bellor’s technique has often been compared with that of the artists of the Renaissance in the way he works the glazing which gives unparalleled depth and great intensity to his works in oil on canvas. His great admiration for Leonardo da Vinci (whose “Mona Lisa” he saw at the Louvre more than 300 times, he says) enabled him to study the very difficult technique of the “sfumato” and to adapt it to his work.  The fully successful treatment of the ever so particular vaporous effects of this way of painting can be seen in his backgrounds and draperies.
As in the case of several of his great predecessors, Bellor’s work, limited when it comes to oil on canvas (about 150 are known), boasts more than 2000 gouaches, pastels, studies, sketches and drawings, as well as his involvement in many advertising works and illustrations. 

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